Terms and conditions

Here are general terms of our company's service, which is provided to the customers as they buy our services. These terms are conditions include the agreement between our company iPhoons.com and the customer.


All the charges are non-refundable unless an authorized person provides them in writing. iPhoons.com has the right to change the charges or fees for one or all the services. Moreover, according to the changes in the market, new charges can be added as well.

Modifications to the terms and conditions

iPhoons.com can change terms and conditions of service occasionally. In case of changes, iPhoons.com will inform the customer through the site where customers purchase our services. iPhoons.com has the right to add, modify or discontinue any service without prior notice to the clients. Other than iPhoons.com, any third party has no right to modify or discontinue our services. If a customer uses our services, it means he agrees to our terms and conditions and agrees to our modification policy as well.

Privacy Policy

Our relationship with our valuable able customers is precious for us. iPhoons.com is committed to practicing responsible information handling. We try our best to protect the personal information of our customers. We also comply with all privacy laws, and our internal privacy policy is also very strict. As part of our business, we may collect our customers' personal information. The information we collect can be customers' contact information, comprising of name, postal address, email address, and contact number. iPhoons.com has the right to use the images related to our customers on different social media platforms for marketing.

Customers reserve the right to request to remove his/ her images that are used on social media platforms for marketing purposes.

iPhoons.com can occasionally contact customers to inform them about the new services and promotional activity. Customers have the right to unsubscribe from the notifications at any time.

Back-up data is the customer's responsibility.

By accepting our terms and conditions, customers also agree before he contacts iPhoons.com for the servicing of his device, it is his responsibility to

1.           Back up all his data on the device, either its disk drives of computer, phone or any storage device. Data can be in the form of any information, files or software installed on the device.

2.           The customer will remove all detachable components from his product, including videotapes, floppy disks, compact disks, DVDs, films, laser disks, or other media.

When customers purchase services from iPhoons.com, he agrees that iPhoons.com and its third-party service providers will not be responsible for loss, disclosure and alteration of data under any circumstances. In case of any damage or alteration to data, film, DVD, information files, compact disks, laser disks, software, cassettes or any other media, iPhoons.com and its service provider will not be responsible.

Device Storage

Suppose a customer provides iPhoons.com his device for evaluation or fixation but does not claim his device within 90 days, even though iPhoons.com has informed him. In that case, we have the right to dispose of the device, and iPhoons.com will not take any responsibility for that.

iPhoons.com will try to contact the client through as possible means like email, SMS and call. If the customer does not respond even after repeated contacts, iPhoons.com will discard the device. Accepting these terms and conditions means that the customer loses his right to claim his device if he fails to contact iPhoons.com within 60 days of notice periods.

Limitations to service

iPhoons.com will not be responsible for any delay in service due to reasons that are not in the company's control. iPhoons.com and its third-party service providers reserve the right to refuse the provision of any service. We can return the customer's payment at once or in installments. We can refuse to service the customers if the system's minimum requirements are not according to our standards or the technical requirements of the job are unreal and extensive. iPhoons.com can impose physical and technical limitations, and if a customer's requirements are beyond that, iPhoons.com is not bound to fulfill them.


Customer agrees to protect, defend and hold harmless iPhoons.com and any third party affiliates (including directors, officers, agents and employees) of our company from all losses, charges, responsibilities, damages, actions, causes of actions, suits, claims, demands, security interests, judgments, settlements, and other expenses (which may include attorney's fee, cost of defense and settlement) of any damage or destruction of property, injury ( including death) to single person or persons, which are asserted against, imposed upon or suffered by iPhoons.com reason of, or arising from

•            Breach of agreement by a customer

•            Violation of any copyright, patent or any trade secret by customers.

•            Failure to pay charges to iPhoons.com and its third parties

•            Failure to comply with ordinances, laws and regulations.

•            An act of customer (its officers, agents, directors or employees)


Services of iPhoons.com are divided into different net categories, from 2 years to 3 months. When a customer books the service, he must confirm.

iPhoons.com provides a warranty to the parts of service for which the customer pays.

If iPhoons.com fixes the device, the warranty does not protect against

•            Mishandling the device may result in bending, twisting and cracking of parts.

•            Any water damage

•            Accidental drops

•            Damage was caused due to the repair attempt of customers.

•            Software problems that are not related to repair

•            Any new damage which is not related to the original repair.

•            Loss of data due to repair – customers are requested to back up all the data before the handover device for repair.

•            The warranty of iPhoons.com also does not cover the outcome of repair in case of some pre–reair conditions like performance issues unrelated to repair, damage to the frame of the device, which is noted before repair or even not noted before repair. The warranty also does not cover jailbroken devices and tempered devices. Tempering can be with internal hardware, which can cause problems with the repair.


Customer and iPhoons.com, both have the right to terminate the service by giving written notice to the other party. Whosoever terminates the service; the customer cannot use the service once the notice is issued. After the termination of service, the customer will have no right, and iPhoons.com will not be responsible for any service after that.


Terms of service will be according to the local laws of Gurugram but will not include its conflict of law provisions. iPhoons.com and customer approved to submit the jurisdiction of the courts in Gurugram, exclusively. iPhoons.com and customer agree that any service problem must be resolved within one year; if not, it will be permanently stacked.

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