iPhone Data Recovery

iPhone Data Recovery

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Price: Starting from 6000

Have you lost your precious data, pictures and contacts? You must be devastated that why didn’t you convert it into your other device. Call Repair Shop for service of iPhone data recovery Gurugram and our experts will save your information.

** Diagnosis need to complete to give you the final price

We also offer free pickup and delivery service if the issue is major. Later same day we will provide you estimate, which upon agreement we start working. If you don’t agree to the amount, we will send you device back and you just have to pay 50AED charges of delivery.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you did not go to other experts to open the device or recover data from the device, the company will not charge any free for data recovery. However, it’s opened by other experts, you might have to cater 200AED for inspection fee.

We provide network safety services as well. Our experts will scan your networking and suggest preventive measures for your network and data safety. 

Yes, if your file or network is affected by ransomware, we can recover your data. 

You need to provide us with a new Hard drive where we can store recovered data. For further safety, we can transfer it to cloud storage as well. 

We have an elaborative privacy policy, and we follow that strictly. Our technicians and engineers don’t have access to the recovered data of customers. 

Yes, but there are risks involved with it. You can rewrite the same data you want to recover. Moreover, if you have lost data due to physical damage to the hard drive, data recovery software will not serve the purpose. Hire the experts; they diagnose the problem and help accordingly. 

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